"I started to see Dr. Hertz around January 2020 at my husband's suggestion to see if he could help with my tinnitus. The ringing in my ears that started in December 2019 was extremely bothersome. I am thrilled to say that I have improved tremendously. My tinnitus is now an afterthought. Dr. Hertz cares deeply about his patients. There has been much improvement on my health thanks to him. I plan on keeping St. Charles Pain & Wellness Center as a part of my health team for the rest of my life." - Diane Parker

"I have been treated by Dr. Jacob for several years, he is a wonderful and compassionate doctor. Dr. Jacob has been treating me for neck and shoulder pain due to stress. I also have adjustments on my right hip and occasionally symptoms from Benign Positional Vertigo. The front desk staff are very friendly and courteous. I highly recommend Dr. Jacob, he really cares about you." -Kathy E.

"I was so glad my wife suggested seeing Dr. Jacob due to the pain in my right forearm.I was a bit skeptical but was surprised by the rapid results I got after just one visit. I'm looking forward to continued care with Dr. Jacob." -Vincent E.

"My 8 year old son goes there it is great friendly atmosphere, my son enjoys going".- Keith S

“I was referred to Dr Hertz be a friend. This was my first experience with chiropractic care and was pleasantly surprised. Dr Hertz initially consulted with me about my concerns and took X-rays and reviewed them with me. I loved that he took the time to explain my condition and what I could reasonably expect with treatment.” – Angela H.

“When I first came to St. Charles Pain and Wellness Center I had extreme overall pain following a major surgery. I couldn’t move my neck or right arm without severe pain. Dr Jake worked out a plan specific to my symptoms and has eliminated my pain, as well as made me more flexible. We also worked on a nutrition plan that has helped me lose 20+ pounds and restored my energy to youthful levels. Dr Jake has a massage therapist on hand to help work the plan for an all-over mind and body transformation. The two work together to deliver exceptional results. St. Charles Pain and Wellness Center has enhanced my well-being and overall life-style making life enjoyable again!” – Mary S.

"I had a lot of pain on the right side of my neck, this caused headaches and dizziness. I started seeing Dr Hertz for adjustments and appreciated his thoroughness of requesting an MRI of my neck. It confirmed a bulging disk, so now I know the issue and Dr Hertz is treating it. On the road to recovery! Nice office, friendly and professional staff.” - Jean J.

“Before I started coming to St Charles Pain and Wellness Center I was unable to lift my right arm over my head. I was in near constant pain and my arm was useless. Within the first month my arm’s range of motion began to increase. Now, after 2 months I have full use of my arm and have been relatively pain free for several weeks. The staff has been thoughtful, thorough and took a genuine interest in my condition.” – Bob A.

Karen C.

“Less and most cases no lower back pain, less tension in the neck, better posture. Overall I feel healthier – I am healthier!” Suzanne C. 

“Before seeing Dr Jacob, I had widespread pain from Fibromyalgia, especially in my neck and upper back. Also, I had lower back pain. After starting treatment, I’ve had little to no lower back pain and a significant decrease in Fibromyalgia pain. I am so thankful for the day I met Dr Jacob at a home show. He’s very dedicated to helping everyone.” – Cathy H.

“I come in every time I have back pain or any other pain and get treated for it. When I leave it is gone and I feel better.” – Louis T.

"When I started treatment with Dr Jake I was at a level 8 constant pain in both my shoulder/neck and lower back (Sciatica). Now I have more days with little to no pain. Still a work in progress, I am looking forward to more good results to come.” – Heather F.

“Finding Dr Hertz was a true blessing. I moved to Illinois during the “Solar Vortex” winter. During my first experience of shoveling snow (I’m from Texas) I hurt my back and I quite literally could not stand up or walk. Dr Hertz tried many different methods of treatment until he got me feeling so much better. Gladly, I am now on maintenance and look forward to my treatments to keep my neck and back healthy.” – Sharon D.

Traci R.

“I’m simply amazed at how much better these old body parts feel after just a short time being treated by Dr Jake! It’s so nice to be able to sleep again without excruciating pain. I’m definitely a lifelong customer here, even if it’s just for maintenance. Thanks for everything you do for me!” – Stefani S.

“Before treatment my back was out of alignment and I had difficulty keeping my back straight. Also, I had trouble with my arms falling asleep at night. After coming to Dr Jake regularly I can honestly say that my back is in alignment most of the time. My arms do not fall asleep at night anymore. I have also been told that I walk around straighter than I have been in a long time. Very happy with the progress and I plan on continuing with treatments.” – Don L.

“Before starting my lower back pain was very painful. Sitting in the car to and from work was bad. I started one month before a 19 mile hike in the mountains of Glacier Park in Montana. Without this treatment I would have never made the hike. Now once a month to maintain I feel so much better. Thanks!” – Benny A.

“I had a lot of knee and shoulder pain (my reason for coming in for treatment). I must say I am feeling a lot better since starting. My upbringing made me a little skittish about chiropractic doctors but Dr Hertz has cured that fear.” – JoAnne N.

“With continuing stress, that seemed to generate a constant and consistent pain in my upper and lower back, I thought this would be something I just needed to get used to. Going to Dr Jake has relieved all the pain so this was certainly one of the best medical decisions I’ve made.” – Pete M.

“I’ve been to three chiros over the years and Dr J is by far the most effective. He has relieved a chronic headache that was with me for 30+ years! The recent shoulder problem I had has been alleviated quickly and his advice has helped me develop better posture habits.” – Juli S.

“I was having light chronic back problems from work. During treatment I realized how out of synch my spine was. After treatment I found that by making simple changes to my lifestyle (stretching, not slouching and lifting properly) made a significantly positive enhancement to my life!” – John D.

“I first started going to St Charles Pain & Wellness Center, back at the beginning of June 2016. The reason I went was because of some lower back pain and shoulder pain both on my right side.  Within 1 week I had already started feeling better after being adjusted by Dr Jake. I continued on with the treatment plan through the summer and just continued to feel better & see improvements. I was surprised to find out how out of balance my left & right sides were. You don't know until you check it out. I'm out of town right now and can't wait to get my next adjustment.” - Jill J.